Schedule Tuner – Under development



This program is being worked on in-house, and not all screenshots are final.
It is not a replacement for SPL Creator.
It has a few different features and plays a different role in radio scheduling for multiple stations.

Schedule Tuner is designed for auditing and tweaking multiple radio stations that run on StationPlaylist.


This is the perfect tool for radio programmers who need to either print a station guide, or audit what is currently due for scheduling.

This program is specific for StationPlaylist Creator.

Clocks have recently been added now, so you can actually see how an hour is laid out. The window has been made so that smaller screen can scroll to see different parts of the application, otherwise, it’s perfect for larger than 1080p monitors.

You can filter the spots and categories and drop and drag to change to the rotation to see the clock change in real time and then save the changes once you are happy with your changes.

Break notes are not supported.

Individual clocks of all of the rotations can now be seen.

If you know the awkwardness of  trying to figure out what is programmed on a specific rotation and having to go backwards and forwards between schedules and rotations then you should try this out.

Say you are programming for an upcoming event and the rotations are tricky. With Schedule Tuner can take out the guess work without actually having to schedule ahead without having to generate the schedule. You make your programming changes,  choose the Monday of the date you want to be checked and you’ll see the whole week as it should be. Or, if you prefer, you can just click on each rotation for that day and hour.

You can create a 7 day outline using the rotation names (or descriptions if they exist) for any given week (after choosing a Monday).

This program doesn’t create the playlist files or adjust any audio files, it creates a representation of the schedule, including spots and categories based on the rotation selections.

You just hit “Save as HTML”, and it will create a self contained HTML file.

Click on “Open HTML” and it will show the file in your web browser.

A CSS file which is baked in is available if you’d like to make changes.

These are the sample outputs:


Program Guide with Rotation names

Program Guide with Rotation descriptions


Program Guide with Rotation names and the actual rotation template for auditing.


This program has been specifically designed to use with the StationPlaylist Creator CSV database file, and does not write to the SPL binary DB files.


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