Filezilla XML to CSV Dumper for Auditing


An audit VBS script for saving all of the FTP server details in to a CSV file from FileZilla, including the BASE64 encoded passwords as plain text.



This is a VBS script that takes the XML export from the open source FTP client FileZilla and dumps all of the FTP server details in to a CSV file.

This script is perfect for auditing multiple systems.

To use, you just drag and drop the XML file on the VBS file, and it will create a CSV file in the same path as the script.

This is handy if you have multiple XML files, as it will create the CSV file with the same name as the XML file.

This script is especially handy if you need to see, share test out FTP the host, username,  and passwords (which as often encoded in BASE64).

This script exports the BASE64 passwords in plain text.

It’s a simple file and can be modified as you require, but at only 150 lines, it’s very handy.

It stores all files on your own server, and does not call home to any server. It just requires the built-in Windows XML 6 library.


This script is to be only used for legitimate purposes, such as the for auditing of your own systems.

The partial script.


A Sample CSV file example.
A Sample CSV file


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